Fibre Board 5.5mm Underlay (9m2)

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Fibre Board 5.5mm Underlay (9m2)


Natural Fibreboard underlay has exceptional thermal insulation which is perfect for use on very cold subfloors to make your room feel so much cosier and comfortable. Helps to level sub-floor irregularity/unevenness up to 3mm and has acoustic insulation of up to 18dB


Features and Benefits

  • Exhibit stability under pressure, thus protecting the flooring from damage caused by footfall or heavy furniture. Improved footfall sound insulation
  • It is superbly suitable for use as an interim layer with existing wood underlayment (for example old-style hardwood flooring, or OSB board)
  • Environmentally friendly, made of natural wood fibre
  • Offers a quicker & faster laying of floors
  • Helps to level sub-floor irregularity/unevenness up to 3mm

Additional information



Sound Reduction:



1 Pack (9m2), 2 Packs (18m2), 3 Packs (27m2), 4 Packs (36m2), 5 Packs (45m2), 6 Packs (54m2), 7 Packs (63m2), 8 Packs (72m2), 9 Packs (81m2), 10 Packs (90m2)


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