What we’re offering

Like many businesses across multiple sectors we are looking to start up our operations again slowly, following strict Social Distancing measures.

  • Our Showrooms will be open, but you must follow social distancing signage and wear a face covering from 24th July 2020, in line with Government Guidance.
  • Our Offices will be open. They have been deep cleaned and we have provided hand sanitizer and all appropriate PPE.
  • Our Phone lines will be open but please use our Booking Form or Contact Form where possible.
  • We can offer an online quote, using floor plans or measurements provided by you
  • We can offer a home sample and measure service (following the guidelines set out below)
  • We will be able to offer a limited supply service
  • We will be able to offer a limited fitting service (following the guidelines set out below)

In order to maintain a safe experience for our staff and customers, we will run at a limited capacity to start with and many of our staff will not be working as a result. Our response times will be slower than usual as we are running on a skeleton crew across the board.

Social Distancing in your home or workplace

The Government has set out strict guidance for tradespeople like floor fitters where carrying out work in your home/place of work.

Each day we will consult with our flooring installers to ensure they are well and have no symptoms. If they have any symptoms, they will be required to self-isolate in line with Government guidance. We have limited floor fitting teams able to work right now due to family / personal restrictions so this may affect your booked work. We will notify all customers as soon as possible if there are any changes to your installation.

We ask that if you are unwell or are presenting any symptoms of Coronavirus as set out on the NHS website that you inform us immediately.

As long as everyone in your household as well as our fitting teams are all well on the day, your installation will go ahead with the following measures:

  • On entry to the home, we must have the facilities to wash our hands using soap and water for 20 seconds
  • We will wash our hands regularly throughout the day, particularly after any coughing or sneezing (which can occur naturally due to nature of the work)
  • We will provide our teams with face masks and hand sanitizer
  • We will vacuum the room and remove all rubbish upon completion of the job
  • We must maintain a safe distance (at least 2 meters) from any members of the household at all times
  • We must ensure that there is good ventilation in the area where we are working, including opening a window

Although these measures may seem strict, it is important for us that you as our customers and our staff are kept at the lowest possible risk from catching this deadly virus. We have seen an increase in demand recently for flooring due to the length of the lockdown restrictions so we are keen to get back up and running again and as a small business I’m sure you can imagine the damage no revenue for 2 months can have.

As and when Government advice changes or we can expand our service further we will update this post accordingly. In the meantime if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@holmescarpets.com or by visiting our Contact page.

Many Thanks
Steven Holmes
Managing Director | Holmes Carpets Ltd

[This article was updated on 23rd May @ 14:00]